Whats new !!!!!

31 Aug

Hi !

Sorry to delay the new post and updates but here it is !

And by the way , I am giving credit to these sites . I borrowed their pictures ! Actually , there is a small confusion in my computer so I could not edit pictures !




This Week’s Rockin’ Room is by pinkgal23!

The latest issue of Buzz & Goss!

Well , finally TRICK IT OUT has come ! Yoo hoo ! But I think every week something new may come !


Twillight woods ! Sorry friends , the contest answers did not match plus I am a little disappointed as this place did not turn out as what I expected it to be and your opinion too !

Maybe barbiegirls.com will sooner or later add more cool stuff to this hangout and you know !

Lets see what we can do !

Yeah !

We’ll update soon when something new comes up or just for fun !

Please share your views about this post through comments ( only in this post , please do not write your comments of this topic somewhere else ) !

You can find the comment sign on the upper right had side of this post !

Have fun !

Minesha & Minoli


One Response to “Whats new !!!!!”

  1. minesha September 3, 2009 at 1:42 pm #

    Hi !

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