A Quick Laugh !

8 Aug

Hi Every One – well the site is under construction , but I would like to share a funny moment that happened around a year ago !

My family and I had gone to visit my cousin’s family and were staying there for about a month ! It was evening time and my younger sister and I were watering the front lawn / yard with the hose and maybe , a little bit , just a bit of spraying water on each other !

Just then , my cousin came home from either work or gym or a friend’s place ( Can’t remember ) ! He immediately warned us and told my younger sister , ”  Please – Don’t you dare spray any water on me ! Put the hose on the ground right now – now ! ”

So my sister did as he told – switched the hose and threw it on the ground , but the force with which the threw it on the ground , caused it to on / open by itself and  SPLASH , all the water on cousin !

Sheesh ! I could not stop laughing and I still cannot when I recollect that scene ! My sister did as she was told , but the water still ended up on my cousin ! And when the water from the hose splurted up , he couldn’t even stop the hose immediately !

I wish i could show all of you a video !

Share your funny experiences too !


2 Responses to “A Quick Laugh !”

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